Monthly Subscription:

USD 29

Early Adopter Price

Unlimited users & entries.

Unless you cancel, you will pay this subscription price forever.

Yearly Subscription:

USD 261 (save 87)

Early Adopter Price

3 months free! Save USD 87.

Unless you cancel, you will pay this subscription price forever.

Early Adopter Pricing

Unlimited users. Unlimited entries. Updates included.

We will switch to tiered pricing soon.

Don't worry, your subscription price would be "grandfathered" which means you will always pay the same price until cancellation.

How to Pay

First, add Gratitudely to your team's Slack workspace.

You will be given a payment link. Example:

You can give this payment link to anyone for them to pay. The person who pays doesn't even need to be on your Slack.

The link allows anyone to pay on the behalf of your Slack workspace, so be sure to not share it publicly! The payment page looks like this:

Do note that subscription management will be tied to the payer's email address so be sure to use a valid email address.

Your Slack workspace gets...

  • Unlimited quota for gratitude entries.
  • Unlimited users per workspace.
  • Ongoing future updates and improvements at no extra charge.
  • [In development] View all workspace entries on the website.

FAQ: Why Paid?

(1) Longevity

Being a paid service helps ensure that Gratitudely gets to keep operating and keep your data intact. We don't have investors (and continue that way) - our users' money keeps Gratitudely alive.

Most importantly, this means we do not have to resort to using annoying advertising or spamming...or (gasp!) selling your data to third parties.

(2) Personal Pledge

The hypothesis here is: if you paid money, you're more likely to stick with it and reap more benefits.

Research has shown that 12 weeks of gratitude journaling gave more positive effects compared to 4 weeks. Imagine the mental benefits after 6 months, or a year?

(3) Focus

The best way to know if a service is actually helpful is to charge for it.

This allows us to focus on improving Gratitudely for those who actually need and benefit from the service. A small but focused community will help us make the service better over time. Plus, we can give better support this way.

The Benefits (again)

  • Increased happiness and life satisfaction.
  • More self-esteem, motivation and resilience.
  • Reduced stress and anxiety. Better sleep.
  • Better health - physical and mental.
  • Improved brain activity.
  • Improved relationships.
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