Virtual Gratitude Wall for Slack.

#gratitude-wall for team mindfulness exercise.

It's Gratitudely 2.0 with simplified user experience!
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Gratitudely is a simple gratitude & mindfulness exercise for your Slack members.

Benefits of Gratitude

The benefits of the gratitude journal, list, diary, log - whatever you wanna call it - have been proven time and time again through academic studies. References >

You probably already know, but let's go through some, shall we?

Increased happiness and life satisfaction.

More self-esteem, motivation, and resilience.

Reduced stress and anxiety.

Better health; physical and mental.

Improved brain activity.
Better focus.

Basically, better sense of well-being.
You get the drift.

Simple to Use

1. Wait for Gratitude Prompt

Gratitude can be a pretty hard habit to build. It's important to just take small, easy steps every day.

Prompt card example. Gratitude prompts have solid backgrounds.

Gratitudely automatically posts gratitude prompts as a topic-of-the-day kind of thing.

Your Slack members can discuss first before writing their entries.

2. Write Gratitude Entry

Press the Write Entry button under each gratitude prompt. The button also shows up under entries that your Slack members publish in #gratitude-wall.

Pressing the button would bring up the form popup.
Press Preview to see your gratitude entry "card".

3. Preview & Save

Gratitudely overlays your gratitude entry text on top of random background pictures. These "cards" are easier on the eyes rather than just text.

Try out a bunch of looks with the Redesign button!

Simply press the Redesign (Random) button to try out a bunch of looks for your gratitude entry "card".

Different fonts and backgrounds only for now.

Letting it happen randomly helps with not spending too much time on it.

The backgrounds are abstractly blurred to complement your gratitude journal texts. There are also dozens of select fonts to go with them.

Saved in Gratitudely's Messages tab (DM).

Gratitudely also provides links for you to download your gratitude entry cards.


Hundreds of Gratitude Prompts

"What technology are you grateful for?"
"Who made you smile in the past 24 hours and why?"

Gratitude prompts are differentiated by having solid backgrounds. This helps them be easily identified among texts and gratitude entry cards.

"Lately, how have you cared for your mental health?"
"What food did you eat recently that you loved?"

There are about 300 default prompts (and counting), ranging from simple materialistic questions to introspective ones.

Currently all are in English. Some other examples include:

  • Something good about today's weather.
  • What is one food you are grateful for?
  • A small win that you accomplished in the past 24 hours.
  • What is something good that came out of a negative quality of yours?
  • List 5 things you have now that you didn't have 5 years ago.

Customizable and Recurring Prompts

Only the installer and owners/admins can see this.

Perhaps everyone's just not feeling the today's automated prompt. The installer or owners/admins can simply go to Gratitudely's App Home tab to post a new one.

Pick a random prompt...
Or write a custom one.

Doing some sort of weekly challenges? For example, Meatless Mondays or Thank-Teammates-Thursdays.

Don't overdo it though, just one or two recurring prompts are enough. Blanked days will just use random prompts.

Simply add the prompt text.
Do keep it short.

Choose Time, Days, and Channel

Again, only the installer and owners/admins can see this.

By default, prompts are automatically posted from Mondays to Fridays at around 3 PM (installer's timezone). This can be changed.

Perhaps after about a month or two, switch to only three times a week before gratitude fatigue sets in.

By default, prompts are only posted to #gratitude-wall.

Not everybody wants to join #gratitude-wall. Gratitudely can also post prompts to #random or #general.

Aside from letting most users use Gratitudely without joining #gratitude-wall, this can also encourage user adoption over time.

Publish on #gratitude-wall

In the installer's DM.

A #gratitude-wall channel will be created after Gratitudely is added to your Slack. The channel can be renamed.

Your team members can Publish gratitude entries to #gratitude-wall. These can be Unpublished anytime.

Prompts and gratitude entry cards are posted to #gratitude-wall.

Prompts are posted here too, which makes it easy for catching up on past missed prompts.

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Add to Slack

7-day free trial (no card asked).

Adding to Slack means you agree to our terms and privacy policy.