Gratitude Ideas

Gratitude Journal Prompts
with Example Entries

"What was a great meal that you’ve prepared?"

Just made an awesome stir fry dish. Thanks for the recipe @Peter

"Something good about today's weather."

Pretty rainy today. I love rainy days.

"That time you were grateful for playing with someone."

I remember playing Mario Kart with my older brother and he would let me win...sometimes.

"What small thing that you use daily are you grateful for?"

Grateful for my toothbrush. Thinking of getting an electric one

"What color are you grateful for?"

Grateful for the color green, it is pretty calming

"Have you experienced any lows recently? How did it strengthen your character?"

A potentially big sale fell through at the last minute. It's teaching me resilience so that's okay.

"What basic need that has been met are you especially thankful for?"

Thankful for clean, running water

"A random act of kindness that somebody did you for recently."

Someone helped jump start my dead car battery at the Whole Foods parking lot. Thank you so much, stranger.

"What was a challenge that you have overcome?"

Overcame my fear of public speaking a while ago. Still not a great public speaker, but that's not the point...

"Three reasons why you are thankful for your job."

Our product helps people. Challenging but not impossible tasks. No toxic co-workers.

"What is your favorite place to visit?"

My favorite place to visit - the city park!

"Something small in size that brightened your day."

Check out my smol kitten, always brightens my day

"Think of something you love about your pet(s)."

My dog always welcomes me home!

"Describe how you feel after you exercise."

I always felt better mentally after exercising, despite being tired and sore

"How did technology help you today?"

My phone reminded me about my doctor's appointment. Would've forgotten otherwise, thanks phone

"Share a quote that speaks to your heart."

"The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks" Mark Twain

"Something good in your life that you didn’t have five years ago."

Living in a comfortable house with great housemates

"One thing that you’ve recently fixed."

Finally replaced my laptop's dying battery. Good as new now!

"Describe your last vacation."

Went to Poland for my last vacation. Underrated, what a beautiful country

"Lately, how have you cared for your mental health?"

I started keeping a gratitude journal and doing short meditations every day. Already feeling the benefits!

"Done any healthy stuff lately?"

Been eating cherry tomatoes and some greens every day the past month Already feeling much better than before

"Describe a small, everyday thing that you enjoy with a special person in your life."

Having breakfast together with my significant other.

"A small win that you accomplished in the past 24 hours?"

Fixed a weird bug that's been bugging (pun intended) me for weeks!

"What is a favorite drink that you like to enjoy?"

Freshly brewed chrysanthemum tea, my favorite

"Something you did for the first time recently."

Joined a yoga class for the first time

"What is one thing you look forward to enjoying each day after work?"

Taking a nice, long, refreshing cold shower (emphasis on cold) after work

"One time you procrastinated on a task that wasn’t as difficult as you thought it would be."

Procrastinated cleaning my bedroom for weeks. Turned out it only took 30 minutes

"A lesson you learned from rude people?"

A lesson learned from rude people: We can't control rude people, but we can control our responses to them. Easier said than done, of course.

"What was an activity you did to enjoy nature?"

I have been really into gardening lately. Very therapeutic.

"What is your favorite show and why do you love it?"

Adventure Time. The characters and stories are so colorful and fun despite having a post-apocalyptic setting

"How can you pamper yourself in the next 24 hours?"

Got some bath bombs and Bluetooth speakers. Looking forward to soak in my bathtub tonight!

"One tool you can't live without."

I wouldn't be able to live without my laptop. Thanks laptop

"Write something good about the traffic today."

Traffic congestion this morning was baaad! But at least there were no accidents.

"Seen any cute animals lately?"

This cute stray kept coming to my house so I adopted him last week

"Talk about one way that you are healthy."

"One way that you are healthy"...well, I don't have food allergies so that's good.

"Which season are you most grateful for and why?"


"What taste are you grateful for?"

Nothing beats the good ol' cheese and bread combo

"What is a smell that you are grateful for?"

The smell of freshly-mowed grass.

"Who is someone who lives far a way that you are grateful for?"

Grateful for my childhood best friend who lives 800 miles away. We still Whatsapp each other everyday

"What is great about today's temperature?"

Not too hot, not too cold. Temperature's just nice today.

"What is one food you are grateful for today?"

Had some great sushi for lunch.

"What is one drink you are grateful for today?"

Had a cup (okay, two) of hazelnut latte. So good.

"Who is someone you thanked today, and why?"

Thanked the bus driver this morning

"Who are you grateful for in your workplace?"

Thanks @Bruce Banner for snapping me back into existence

"What is your favorite way to get around town?"

I've been enjoying riding my bicycle around town lately

"The people that worked to bring food to your house."

Really thankful for the pizza delivery people. I would've starved on my busy (lazy) days.

"That time you were able to help people."

Volunteered at a nursing home last weekend

"That time you were very thirsty and had something to drink."

Every time I finish running, plain cold water always tastes like nectar of the gods

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